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GA 113 | How to Utilize the Power Score with Jonathan Sands

By Jessica Bush Updated on June 2nd, 2016

Today’s guest is Jonathan Sands, Director of Operational Excellence at Dayton Superior. Jonathan talked to us about the Power Score and how it keeps organizations on track. This methodology helps measure leadership effectiveness and is a powerful supplement to any and all lean journeys. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Jonathan’s background (2:20)
  • About Dayton Superior (5:47)
  • The quotes that inspire Jonathan (6:25)
  • What the Power Score is, and what the “P” stands for (7:40)
  • About the “W” or “Who” component (13:22)
  • About the “R” or “Relationships” component (15:08)
  • The problem Dayton Superior was trying to solve (17:33)
  • How and why the Power Score applies to all industries (19:13)
  • John’s advice for those interested in implementing it (20:50)
  • What’s next for Dayton Superior (22:31)
  • John’s take on “Respect for People” (24:16)
  • The best advice John has ever received (25:47)
  • John’s personal productivity habit (27:01)
  • What has surprised John in the past year of practicing lean (28:18)
  • How John recharges and refocuses (30:06)
  • The knowledge or skill area John feels he needs to improve (30:53)
  • John’s final words of wisdom (32:08)

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