Top 10 Gemba Academy Blog Articles in 2017

By Ron Pereira Updated on December 4th, 2017

As another year winds down it’s always fun to reflect back on the year that was.  So, in this article, I want to look back on the top Gemba Academy blog articles from 2017.  Perhaps we’ll look at the top podcasts in another article.

First up are the top ten articles (based on page views) that were published in 2017.

1. Taiichi Ohno Interview Video Footage – 03/13
2. Why I Mow my Own Lawn – 07/28
3. Will Gemba Academy Put You Out of a Job? – 05/05
4. What’s Another Word for “Problem”? – 02/20
5. Lean is Not About Principles – 05/08
6. Lean Thinking Questions for a Provider Delay Board – 03/27
7. How Do I Teach My Team? – 01/20
8. Why Won’t Senior Leaders Attend My Lean Training? – 04/17
9. Lean Outside of Manufacturing – 05/26
10. Visual Management Mind Trick – 05/15

And here are the top ten articles (based on page views) overall, regardless of when the articles were published.  Many of our new Spanish blog articles made this list and, as always, there are some “oldies but goodies” on the list including articles from as far back as 2007!

1. How to Determine Cycle Time, Takt time, and  Lead time – 7/10
2. Let’s Create a Current State Value Stream Map – 2/08
3. Qué Son Y Cómo Calcular ‘El Tiempo De Ciclo’ (Cycle Time), Takt Time y Tiempo De Entrega (Lead Time) – 12/16
4. 10 Steps to Creating an FMEA – 6/07
5. Las 8 Dimensiones de la Calidad – 12/16
6. 5 Steps to Data Collection – 5/07
7. Calculating Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY) – 9/07
8. 10 Books Every Continuous Improvement Practitioner Should Read in 2012 – 1/12
9. Explaining the Central Limit Theorem – 7/07
10: ¡Vamos A Crear Un VSM Del Estado Actual! – 11/16

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