Gemba Academy Enhancements

We’ve recently made some enhancements here at Gemba Academy that I’m pretty excited about.

Asset Browser

First up is what we’re calling the “Asset Browser.”  While we’re likely best known for videos and other media, like podcasts, we also have hundreds of support documents that can downloaded, printed, etc.

In fact, within our School of Lean there are 422 different support documents.  In the past these documents had to be downloaded individually which, as we learned, didn’t always delight our customers.

But, now, I’m happy to say… downloading these support documents is as easy as checking a few boxes and pressing a download button.

Accessing the Asset Browser is easy.

  1. Log into your Gemba Academy Learning Library Account
  2. Click the “Resources” menu at the top of the page
  3. Select “Asset Browser”

Facilitator Guides

Another question we’ve received over the years centers around the best way to use Gemba Academy during a live class.

In other words, if you’re facilitating a live class and want to use Gemba Academy videos you’ll want to have a plan.  This is where our new Facilitator Guides and Student Workbooks come in.

These documents give the facilitator a step by step plan of how to work through a course.  The students have a similar document… only the “answers” are only shown in the facilitator guide.

We’ve created these guides for our most popular courses such as 5S Workplace Productivity and Dealing with the 7 Deadly Wastes.

And, since these are also support documents they can all be accessed via the Asset Browser!


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