online lean six sigma training

Platforms for Online Lean and Six Sigma Training

By Kevin Meyer Updated on August 27th, 2020

online lean six sigma training

Over the last decade, Gemba Academy’s online library has grown to nearly 2,000 lean and six sigma training videos.  These are organized into three general categories: the School of Lean, School of Six Sigma, and our unique Gemba Academy Live! where we visit interesting organizations to show the “real world” of continuous improvement.

In addition to captions in many languages, a couple years ago we also began producing videos with native Spanish speakers, Escuela Lean.  Thanks to having our own video production studios in Texas, we continue to produce new content, including the recently-released Daily Management System series of 14 courses and 160 videos on topics such as Obeya, Gemba Walk, Daily Accountability, and Visual Management.

Creating high quality content is not enough.  We also need to deliver that content in a way that makes it easy for organizations with different use cases to effectively utilize it.  To that end we have three different content delivery platforms:

Learning Library

Our simplest platform is the Learning Library.  All of our videos, quizzes, and supporting content can be accessed on demand, 24/7, via our website with a single unlimited access login by organization.  This “library” format is great for organizations that don’t require individual tracking, are simply looking for an online lean and six sigma resource, or have other internal programs to support effective continuous improvement programs.

Learning System

Organizations may want to track training at an individual level, so to support this we have our own Learning Management System (LMS).  This platform has significant additional functionality including the ability to assign and track individual training and create cohorts of learners by department, site, or training “wave.”  There is also an extensive reporting and analytics capability.

The Learning System also has the ability for managers to create custom courses by arranging our content in different ways and then create custom learning paths through different courses to match the organization’s specific training objectives and environment.  This has been a very popular feature – in addition to the learning paths we have pre-configured, our customers have created an additional 820 (wow!) custom learning paths and over 100 custom courses!  We provide coaching and support to help customers develop appropriate learning paths.

Our lean practitioner and six sigma certification programs also take advantage of this platform.

LMS Integration

Large multi-site organizations often have their own learning management system, and we have provisioned our content to easily integrate into these systems.  As with our other two platforms, our videos are delivered by two redundant global content delivery networks (CDN) with multiple servers strategically located around the world.  This reduces lag time and delays, especially with high-bandwidth HD quality videos, and mitigates issues with country and organization restrictions.

Quizzes are provided in multiple SCORM formats, as well as the original quiz authoring format and traditional Word and PDF.  Supporting resources, such as overviews and templates, are also provided in native editable formats.  Our LMS platform customers take advantage of this to rearrange our content and integrate their own in-house content to create custom courses, learning paths, and quizzes and resources that align with their objectives and environment.

Which of the above platforms would best suit your organization?  We’d love to discuss options with you!

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