GA 406 | Reflecting on 2021 with Ron Pereira

By Jessica Bush Updated on January 13th, 2022

This week’s guest is Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira. As we kick off the new year, Ron decided to share some of the observations he’s made and the lessons he’s learned recently, and how he’s going to live and lead in 2022. An MP3 audio version of this episode is available for download here.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • Identifying your “Why?” (3:25)
  • Controlling what you can control (6:37)
  • Being aware of your confirmation bias (11:03)
  • The importance of developing good habits (17:04)
  • Being intentional (20:07)
  • The importance of having a support group (23:59)
  • Choosing your communication carefully (28:23)

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