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GA 418 | Value Stream Management in Software Delivery with Lance Knight

By Jessica Bush Updated on April 6th, 2022

This week’s guest is Lance Knight. Lance explained how lean and value stream management work in the software delivery field. He also shed some light on what they’re doing that traditional manufacturers could benefit from. An MP3 audio version of this episode is available for download here.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The quote Lance likes (2:02)
  • Lance’s background (2:37)
  • What “software delivery” means (5:07)
  • Value streams in the software world (6:08)
  • Traditional lean settings versus software (8:20)
  • How “flow” works in software delivery (12:14)
  • The problem they’re trying to solve in software (13:29)
  • The connection to Agile, Scrum, etc (17:30)
  • An example (19:20)
  • Practical advice for manufacturers (23:04)

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