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It’s Always Day 1

By Ron Pereira - July 23rd, 2009

I just got done watching this video of Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, where he announced that Amazon has snatched up Zappos. I first saw this over on John Hunter’s blog. And while this is big news for sure… the thing that I loved a

The Greatest in the Kingdom

By Ron Pereira - March 12th, 2009

I was recently reading my all time favorite book and came across some comments that caused me to ponder a few of the articles I’ve recently written about being an expert and how many hours it takes to become an expert. Here’

10,000 Hours of Practice

By Ron Pereira - February 26th, 2009

10,000 hours. That’s precisely how long you need to practice something before you can even think about calling yourself an expert. Well, at least this is what Malcolm Gladwell claims in his newest book Outliers, which I must say is o

Clean up, Guide to Lean, and more

By Ron Pereira - February 19th, 2008

Things have been pretty crazy around here the last few days.  Switching over to this new website was definitely worth it… but not without it’s share of work. Clean Up When you switch to a completely new design like this ce

Where is Ron?

By Ron Pereira - September 20th, 2007

Hello from London, England.  I wanted to drop a line and apologize for my lack of blogging action!  I have been extremely busy as of late and thus my blogging has taken a bit of a hit.  I typically post my blogs in the evenings but

The Big 200!

By Ron Pereira - August 6th, 2007

Yesterday I posted my 200th article on the blog!  Also, today we received our 400th comment on the blog.  Now many of these comments are from me responding to others (like the actual 400th comment) but hey who is counting! I have t

We interrupt this Blog

By Ron Pereira - June 18th, 2007

I apologize for the technical difficulties today.  My hosting company (name starts with a color and ends with the word host) has failed me the last few weeks.  Today the site was down for much of the afternoon.  Needless to say I wi

Fun with HTML

By Ron Pereira - June 5th, 2007

I apologize if anyone had issues with my blog this evening.  I had jacked up some HTML real good.  Luckily I saved it all before hacking it up into pieces.  All should be fine now… and you may notice the nice little eBay auct

Calling all Bloggers!

By Ron Pereira - May 30th, 2007

One of the ideas I have been tossing around is inviting others interested in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement in general to “guest blog” here at LSS Academy.  So if you are a Blogger wanting to co

WordPress Rocks!

By Ron Pereira - May 30th, 2007

When I first transitioned this blog over to WordPress (WP) I wondered if I had made a terribe mistake.  Blogger was so easy to use and format.  You can drag and drop things to your hearts desire.  This was gone when I went to a sel

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