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WordPress Rocks!

By Ron Pereira Updated on May 30th, 2007

When I first transitioned this blog over to WordPress (WP) I wondered if I had made a terribe mistake.  Blogger was so easy to use and format.  You can drag and drop things to your hearts desire.  This was gone when I went to a self hosted WP site.

But now that most of the bugs are ironed out I am beginning to reap the benefits of switching.  The benefits are related to the thousands of free “plugins” available. 

With this said, here are some of the latest and greatest features of this blog.

  1. You can now check a box and follow the comments of any post.  You will see this when you first submit a comment. 
  2. There is a popularity meter that shows which posts are the most popular.  I am not sold on this one but will try it out for awhile.  There are also a ton of reports I can access to learn more about what people like.  I love reports!
  3. I found a nice, shmula like, “share it” button that allows people to submit a post to a number of different social networking sites.  You can also email the post to someone from the same button.  This is much cleaner than the way I had it setup before.

Let me know what you think of these new features.  And if you have any ideas for what would make the blog better please do share!

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