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GA 384 | Parenting the Lean Way with Jared Thatcher

By Jessica Bush - August 12th, 2021

This week’s guest is Jared Thatcher. Jared wrote a book on using lean at home, including KPIs and visual management. While you don’t have to be a parent to enjoy this episode, Jared does share some powerful ways lean can im

Live Virtual Online Lean Experiences with the Kaas Pass

By Jon Miller - August 9th, 2021

Kaas Tailored has been on their continuous improvement journey for over twenty years. For the past ten years, they have been generous in sharing both the successes and struggles of their journey. More than forty thousand people have wa

GA 383 | Giving and Receiving Feedback with Glade Holman

By Jessica Bush - August 5th, 2021

This week’s guest is Glade Holman. Glade has a coaching and consulting background, and he explained his work as a “feedback specialist.” Ron and Glade discussed the nuances of giving and receiving feedback, including

How to Lead Without Subject Matter Expertise

By Jon Miller - August 2nd, 2021

This week, while reading a Wall Street Journal article, I was reminded of something James Womack said at a lean conference about a decade ago. It was during a speech about value stream management. He pointed out a main key difference b

GA 382 | Simplifying Value Stream Mapping with Steve Pereira

By Jessica Bush - July 29th, 2021

This week’s guest is Steve Pereira. Steve and Ron discussed Steve’s minimalist approach to value stream mapping, and how it differs from other approaches. Steve doesn’t have a traditional lean background, but his pers

Piloting Continuous Improvement

By Jon Miller - July 26th, 2021

During several recent conversations with customers, I found myself discussing the pilot as an effective way to roll out continuous improvement. Like many terms that have settled into common usage in the business world, this can mean di

GA 381 | The Art of Coaching with Kelly Mallery

By Jessica Bush - July 22nd, 2021

This week’s guest is Kelly Mallery. Kelly and Ron talked all about coaching, the skills involved, and the challenges Kelly has faced. A Lead Lean Manufacturing Specialist at GE Aviation, Kelly also shared some of her coaching suc

What Is a Milk Run?

By Jon Miller - July 19th, 2021

The milk run is a method for connecting material movement between multiple sources and a storage location nearer to the point of use or processing.  The name comes from a practice in the dairy industry. A tanker truck makes rounds to

GA 380 | The Concept of Humble Inquiry with Peter and Ed Schein

By Jessica Bush - July 15th, 2021

This week’s guests are Peter and Ed Schein, prominent figures in the leadership and organizational culture fields. A father-son team, they discussed the books they’ve written, the concept of Humble Inquiry, vulnerability in

Hypotheses from Hansei in Odd Times

By Jon Miller - July 12th, 2021

The  Independence Day weekend has turned into sort of a second holiday of thanksgiving for me. It’s a chance to appreciate  improving weather, fresh produce, and a moment to reflect on the last half-year. For the past decade or

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