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Bad Management

By Ron Updated on May 16th, 2017

After submitting my post last night I wondered if my overly optimistic attitude was unrealistic. Only one person has commented on the post and this person seemed to think I was off my rocker a bit.

I also got to thinking of the recent post over at Evolving Excellence about how Wiremold has taken some major steps back after new management came in.

Then I wondered why it is companies like Danaher and Toyota do so well. What do they have in common? Amazing management teams fanatically focused on doing things better day in and day out. That’s what. Of course they also have amazing production systems. But would they without excellent management?

I still say no matter what situation you are in, you should do your best and aim for improvement in all you do. But when thinking of how fast things can fall apart (i.e. Wiremold), perhaps bad management can beat even the best intentioned employees into submission. Sad, but possibly true.

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