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11 Ways to Improve Customer Service

By Jon Miller Published on September 26th, 2007

Marcie MacRae posted an excellent article about customer service titled 10 ways to improve customer service based on her deep experience in that area and the 10 Commandments of Kaizen, which are rephrased here:
1. Let go of your fixed ideas and be open to new ones
2. Rather than think of “why we can’t”, think of ways to make it possible
3. There is no need to make excuses, it’s the process that’s broken (not you)
4. Do simple, immediate kaizens rather than waiting for perfection
5. If the fix doesn’t work, try something else
6. Use creativity over cash when solving problems
7. Look at problems as if they are opportunities
8. Ask the “5 whys” when solving problems to get to the root cause
9. Seek the ideas of many rather than the expertise of one
10. Kaizen never ends
Read her full article here to gain Marcie’s perspective on how to kaizen customer service.
The 11th way to improve customer service is to remember your internal customer and follow Marcie’s 10 ways to improve customer service. Apply this thinking to every step within your own organization and you will develop a winning customer service team.

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