Gemba Academy Preview: Calculating Takt Time

By Jon Miller Updated on May 23rd, 2017

Gemba Academy opens for enrollment on Monday March 16th, 2009. In the coming months we will offer online training on topics on a wide range of business excellence topics from lean manufacturing, project management, six sigma and other related disciplines.
Calculating Takt Time is one of 13 modules in a course called Transforming Your Value Streams. We are offering it for $495 for a 6-month subscription. This includes quizzes, study guides for download, and access to members’ forums. Continuous improvement will be part of our business model and product strategy. Each month we will add new content to this course based on customer requests to support ongoing transformation efforts and challenges.
Free training modules are available here, complete with quizzes. So far we have 5S, the 10 commandments of continuous improvement, and introduction to lean manufacturing. More will follow on topics such as kaizen, project management, six sigma, and various tools and principles of lean manufacturing.
Please visit the site. Let us know what you think. What future training modules would be most valuable to you?

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