The Seven Wastes & $10 Off Subscription to iSixSigma Magazine

I recently wrote an article for the iSixSigma magazine focused on the 7 Deadly Wastes.

And as it turns out the good folks over at iSixSigma have been nice enough to allow me to offer this article to LSS Academy readers in PDF form.

So feel free to download the article and read it at your leasure.

Also, if you’d like to subscribe to the iSixSigma magazine and get $10 off the subscription price of $59.95 please follow this link and use the promo code: PromoA.

Please note that this is not an affiliate link meaning I don’t earn anything from this.

Full disclosure: I am on the iSixSigma magazine editorial advisory board… but I’ve long loved this magazine and would highly recommend it even if I weren’t on their board.


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