Summer Seminars in Shanghai

By Jon Miller Updated on May 23rd, 2017

This summer I am working from our Shanghai, China office. My team here has signed me up to lead some seminars. Our China team hosts lean discussion groups they call “salons” so I am looking forward to participating in one of those as well. Topics may include lean leadership, problem solving or whatever else adds value. I’m open to suggestions. If you are here ad want to attend drop a card in the box above, so to speak. Even if you’re not interested but are in Shanghai and just want to network let me know.
Now that we have a branch in Chongqing I’m also hoping to venture further inland again. It seems the investment incentives to drive growth are in central and western China now. With 100 million people in and around Chongqing city it’s an economic engine in its own right. The US population is 307 million, for reference.
The Expo is on in Shanghai at the moment. I have no idea what to expect from that but the “Japan industrial exhibit hall” caught my eye. What does the future hold for manufacturing? I’m guessing robot workers and self-assembling factories on the moon.
The little Twitter bird doesn’t fly in China so my tweets will be quiet for a while unless someone can teach me a way around the firewall. I won’t be retrieving voice mails so please call the office if you need to reach me. Posting here also works fairly well.

  1. RONAK

    June 28, 2010 - 3:01 am

    We have successfully implemented 5S through out the plant.
    Now we would like to implement Kaizen through out the plant.
    Can you please suggest me how should we proceed further. What is the methodology for implementing Kaizen?
    Our plan for implementing Kaizen is
    1. Train employees regarding kaizen different kind of waste etc.
    2. Launch a tool an Idea box in which suggestions from the employees will be collected.
    3.Quarterly basis rewards will be given to best kaizen team.
    What else should be done?
    What I want is that this process should be 100% right the first time because if it fails then it will be very difficult to proceed again after improving the Kaizen process.
    Please give your suggestions.

  2. Peter

    June 28, 2010 - 3:24 am

    Just relocated here. Have been reading the blog for some years, and to hear ideas “live” sound interesting. Where and when are the salons held?

  3. Joseph

    June 28, 2010 - 2:42 pm

    While you are spreading the faith in China what will we do for our daily Fix of LEAN BLOGS.
    I can see you becoming the “Deming” of China. I am sure that with their knowledge & culture you will learn much from them as well. I look forward to your future Blogs with their themes based on the things you see and learn in China. They are a Great Nation and deserve all the help that they can get to bring them forward then past our Old Western Ways.
    They will be like sponges and you will will be the wise MASTER.
    Just had a thought I have been reading some of your old Blogs. Could you get a faithful pupil of yours to re-issue some of them while you are away having fun in China. Just drop the original replies. Or think of one Blog that you can give us before you go that is so great and wise that we will all read it over and over until you return to enlighten us.
    I am sure that when the Chinese see what they are missing by not having access to your Blogs when you return home they will petition their leaders for access to the internet.
    If they offer you the Great Wall of China as an example of LEAN PDCA what US example will you give them to match theirs ?
    Have a safe journey.

  4. Jon Miller

    June 28, 2010 - 9:00 pm

    Hi Peter
    The salons will probably be late July or early August. I just got here so plans aren’t final but I will keep you informed. If we have a large group we’ll rent a hotel conference room. Usually it’s a small group we do it at our office:
    Rm 616, No. 1440, Yan An Road (C)
    Apollo Building, Jing’an District
    Shanghai, China 200040
    Note the efficiency of the Chinese script in packing all of that into one line.
    The comparison to Deming are flattering but premature.
    Actually I am able to access the internet and to post new articles so my blogging won’t grind to a complete halt.

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