Kaizen Song: Come All You A3 Thinkers

By Jon Miller Updated on May 24th, 2017

Based on “Come All You Coal Miners”, this is the kaizen song…

Come All You A3 Thinkers
Come all you A3 thinkers wherever you may be
And learn of a storyline, from circles of QC
The name is nothing special, but its steps to you I’ll tell
To live a problem solver’s life, an A3 will serve you well
First state the problem so clearly, no cause nor goal is said
Break down and stratify with Pareto charts, background data and context
Get to know how customers are served by the processes every day
Set a target toward the ideal state, but not quite all the way
Problem solving is the most important work in our land today
With plenty of data, sleuthing work, and learning every day
A3 thinker, won’t you walk out to gemba, go and see
That appreciation for a system, Deming taught you and me
It takes preconceived notions, it takes our cherished lies
It takes excuses away from reasons, and Xs away from Ys
Oh thinker, won’t you hypothesize wherever you may be
And make this a land of freedom from the biases of you and me
The senseis will ask you “why?” ’til you can’t think no more
And what’ll you get for your questioning, actionable countermeasures
A down-up-down strategy and alignment from the top
Gain consensus to implement, your trying never stops
To live a problem solver’s life, an A3 story will tell
How to sink these cognitive biases to the darkest pits of hell

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