Month: June 2015

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The High Cost of Ignoring Standard Work

This June marked the 200th anniversary of the defeat of Napoleon by Wellington at Waterloo, which effectively ended his career as a military and political leader. Reading Andrew Roberts’ excellent book Napoleon: A Life, it became apparent that it was in fact Napoleon who defeated Napoleon at the battle Waterloo. Therein lies

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The Most Dangerous Idea in the World

This week I learned about a new book, Kaizen Forever: Teaching of Chihiro Nakao by Bob Emiliani, Rudy Go and Katsusaburo Yoshino. Mr. Nakao was the first Shingijutsu consultant I met and worked with in 1993. Even just one week spent with him would have been unforgettable, but we met many times. He preferred working

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Own-Process Completion as the Basis of Lean Quality

JKK sounds like something that the young people of today might say or text in reaction to hurting another’s feelings, as in “Just kidding, OK?” In fact, it’s one of the lesser known Toyota concepts that underpin the 2nd pillar of TPS, namely jidoka. This is very ably described and explained by Toyota veteran

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