The SELF Journal

By Ron Pereira Updated on August 3rd, 2017

I, along with several of my Gemba Academy colleagues, have started to experiment with something called the SELF Journal.

Upon first glance the SELF Journal looks like your normal day planner.  And it does a great job of helping you plan and manage your day.  But that’s not what drew me to it.

Instead, the thing I’m drawn to is how this little journal has been designed to help you set 3 big goals and actually reach them over a 13-week period.  And while there could be a few improvements… this little journal is very “lean” in the way it helps you to take big goals and then break them down into actionable progress goals.

There is also some really nice “hansei” or “reflection” built into the journal in the way it has you reflect on how things went at the end of each day and then again at the end of every week.  The journal also has you reflect on what you’re grateful for every morning and,  then again, every evening.  That’s a really nice way to begin and end your day!

Finally, they actually offer a free PDF version of the journal allowing you to check it out before spending any money.  I will say the hardback version is very nice and I’m really enjoying the process.

Here’s a short video explaining more.  Check it out and please do let us know if you pick one up and give it a try.

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