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GA 415 | Reacting vs. Responding with Sumit Gupta

By Jessica Bush Updated on March 17th, 2022

This week’s guest is Sumit Gupta. Ron and Sumit discussed various aspects of leadership, including what it means to be a leader, dealing with different personality types, and more. An MP3 audio version of this episode is available for download here.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The quote Sumit likes (2:25)
  • Sumit’s background (3:10)
  • The meaning of being a leader (6:14)
  • Reacting vs. Responding (7:50)
  • Lessons about leadership and photography (11:10)
  • Navigating personality types (14:33)
  • Advice for facing uncertainty (19:36)
  • Sumit’s final words of wisdom (23:22)

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