Free Lean DVDs, Lean Accounting, and BMW X5 Seat Manufacturing!

We’ve been EXTREMELY busy over at Gemba Academy! Here’s a short list of what we’ve been up to:

Lear Gemba Live! Footage
Lear Gemba Live! Footage
  1. We talked all things lean with John Shook, Jim Womack, and Dan Jones at the recent AME conference in Toronto.  This 70 minute interview is in post production and will be available soon!  Trust me when I say this is 70 minutes of video you will NOT want to miss.
  2. Kevin Meyer, co-founder of Gemba Academy, interviewed Jean Cunningham and talked Lean Accounting.
  3. We shot a Gemba Live! episode at Lear Corporation where they make the seats for the BMW X5.
  4. We shot Gemba Live episodes at NFI Industries, a 3PL, and Platt Tech, a vocational high school in CT, where young adults s are learning all about lean.  Super inspiring stuff!
  5. And we’re preparing for our next “studio” course where we’ll take a deep dive into the topic of Lean Accounting.

New GA 44 DVD Stack ImageFinally, to celebrate an incredible year, we’re excited to bring back our extremely popular 80 Lean & Six Sigma Training DVDs promotion.

Specifically, between November 1 and November 30 anyone that purchases a 1-year subscription to the School of Lean and School of Six Sigma will receive all of Gemba Academy’s 500+ training videos on 80 DVDs absolutely free.

Sold by themselves… these 80 DVDs retail for $1,995.

Subscribers will also receive a single user license to Minitab 16 & Quality Companion 3 and SigmaXL for no additional charge.  Combined these two pieces of statistical software retail for more than $1,400.

This promotion will remain open to the first 500 customers or until November 30, whichever comes first.

For more details on this limited time promotion please click here.