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How to preach the gospel

By Ron Pereira Updated on January 13th, 2011

saint-francis-of-assisi.jpgOne of my passions in life is studying and learning more about my Catholic faith.  I especially enjoy reading the early church fathers.  And of these earliest Christians, St. Francis of Assisi may be my favorite.

St. Francis, when instructing others on how to best evangelize non-believers, commented “Preach the Gospel at all times, if necessary use words.”  There is some debate amongst religious scholars as to whether St. Francis used these exact words or a similar phrase but no one disputes the “message” being delivered.

Basically, St. Francis was saying that living out your faith in an authentic manner is the best evangelization method available.

I believe the same approach can be taken when we attempt to “spread the gospel of lean and six sigma.”  Getting all preachy and using lots of buzz words, like genchi genbutsu and Cpk, will only get you so far.  And don’t even get me started about all the fancy PowerPoint presentations most people spend far too much time on!

You see, in my opinion, in order to really make an impact we must stop talking so much and start showing others the amazing results lean and six sigma bring when applied properly. 

Then, the “good news” of lean and six sigma will go viral and spread itself beyond our wildest imaginations.

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