TWI Job Instruction Course Coming Soon!

By Ron Pereira Updated on June 7th, 2019

We’re breaking new ground at Gemba Academy this week as we run our first “live” training class.  Specifically, 10 students (9 after the flu took one out of commission on Tuesday) have come together here in the DFW area to learn all about the TWI Job Instruction process across 5 days.

What makes this particular class so interesting is that we’re using Gemba Academy videos for the instruction aspect of the class while Roger Bilas, of The Bilas Group, and I co-facilitate all other aspects of the class.  I’m writing this article on Thursday evening meaning we still have one more day to go.  But, goodness gracious, we’ve had an amazing week so far!

We’ve covered the JI process in great detail and have practiced, and practiced, and practiced the job breakdown process.  Classroom job breakdowns have ranged from how to “H-Tape” a cardboard box (see image above!) to how to setup a WebEx Meeting invite in MS Outlook (which many people mess up according to one our students)!  It’s been very rewarding to see the students gain confidence in the 4-step “How to Instruct” process and I’m so excited to see all of the footage we’ve captured come together.

You see, our plan is to bundle this live, somewhat raw, classroom footage right beside our tightly scripted studio videos giving others the ability to run their own, 5-day, JI training sessions.

And while I’ve known Roger Bilas, and even interviewed him on our podcast, I’ve never worked with him as closely as I have this week.  All I can say is that he’s an incredible trainer!  His passion comes through in spades and he’s added tremendous value to this course.  And I definitely recommend him for anyone looking to do live TWI training in their facility.

Our original plan was that this “classroom footage” would be a nice compliment to the our “studio footage.”  After experiencing this week I think I may have had it a little backward… you see while our studio videos are really good (our own Steve Kane did an amazing job) I now believe seeing these students learn and transform across 5 days just may be the most powerful aspect of the course.  You’ll see them initially struggle, you’ll hear their questions, and you’ll even hear them debate about whether something is an important step or key point.  In short, I really do believe you’ll be able to learn right along with them as if you were here this week with us.

We have a TON of classroom footage to work through over the coming weeks along with a few “tweaks” to our studio instruction modules.  But we do hope to release this JI course later this month or, worst case, in early March.  Until then you can check out our TWI Overview video which is available, free of charge, on this page.


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