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Lean Leadership is Teaching Learned Helpfulness

When we use the expression “three-ring circus” we mean that the situation is chaotic and full of activity, not that it is entertaining. Chaotic or not, it takes effort to train animals to perform. Three-ring circuses and dysfunctional modern human workplaces have some things in common in this regard. Elephants are

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Where Do I Start with Lean?

Where should I start with Lean? is a common question we receive at Gemba Academy.  Some say starting with 5S is a must.  Others favor eliminating the seven deadly wastes. Others still suggest value stream mapping.  A great question is “What problem are your trying to solve?” The need for

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GA 212 | How to Combine TWI, Kata, and a Kaizen Event with Brandon Brown

This week’s guest is Brandon Brown. Brandon explained how he and his team have combined elements of TWI, kata, and kaizen events into a unique and effective learning system. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you’ll learn: Brandon’s background (2:47) An overview

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GA 211 | How to Navigate a Kaizen Journey with Jeff Kaas

This week’s guest is Jeff Kaas, President of Kaas Tailored and Lead Consultant at Truth Bit Pull Consulting. Jeff described how he discovered kaizen, how it changed his company, and more. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you’ll learn: Jeff’s background (1:59)

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The Three Key Metrics for Continuous Improvement

What we call continuous improvement (CI) is in fact unattainable. Something that is continuous is uninterrupted and never rests. Even if we dedicated 100% of our time to CI activities, which is impractical since our daily work would not get done, the improvements we make would be in fits and

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The Thinking Rat Race

We’ve recently had some really fun podcast conversations centered around the whole “respect for people” topic. My friend and colleague, Jon Miller, challenged the idea of whether lean is really all about people.  Fellow lean thinker Michael Ballé then joined in on the conversation and while it wasn’t an argument,

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