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“I Didn’t Teach the Dog Anything”

By Steve Kane - June 23rd, 2017

The Dog is a Handful I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Kirby.  Kirby has some–how should I put it–less than desirable behavioral traits.  He’s a great dog most of the time.  Other times, he can be a handful.  Fo

GA 168 | How to Leverage Change Intelligence with Barbara Trautlein

By Jessica Bush - June 22nd, 2017

This week’s guest is Barbara Trautlein, the founder of Change Catalysts. Barbara and Ron discussed change management, specifically why change fails and how people define failure. Barbara also explained the concept of Change Intel

Lean Outside of Manufacturing

By Steve Kane - May 26th, 2017

By Steve Kane There are so many examples of lean in manufacturing that it can be easy to understand how well suited the methodology is for that industry.  Folks in other types of organizations and roles often comment that it is diffic

Facing the Firing Squad

By Steve Kane - December 16th, 2016

By Steve Kane   I recently had the opportunity to watch a value stream mapping training event in an administrative process.  These types of events are enjoyable for me because I always learn something new.  The lesson learned th

Don’t Let Perfect Get In the Way of Progress

By Steve Kane - July 15th, 2016

By Steve Kane You may have noticed that Ron, Kevin, Jon, and I contribute to the Gemba Academy blog on a rotating schedule.  My articles are posted the third Friday of each month.   For the next several months I’ll use this sch

Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

Back to the Beginning with Ohno, Suzuki, and Yoda

By Kevin Meyer - July 8th, 2016

As I was researching the remarkable similarities between Lean and Zen for my book, The Simple Leader, one of the most interesting – and meaningful – was the concept of the beginner’s mind. Taiichi Ohno said, “Ob

Inspiring a Bias for Action

By Steve Kane - April 15th, 2016

Jamie Parker practices Lean and is passionate about learning and sharing Lean leadership. She has 15 years’ experience in operations management / leadership across retail, service, and manufacturing environments. Jamie serves as

More Than Metrics

By Steve Kane - March 18th, 2016

By Steve Kane I’ve had some conversations recently about what a successful lean journey looks like.  Of course, we talked about key performance indicators and monitoring metrics.  As the saying goes, not everything that can be coun

The Only Genuine Knowledge Is That of Actual Experience

By Steve Kane - January 15th, 2016

“The only genuine knowledge is that of actual experience.” ~ Chinese proverb Training is a big part of lean transformation.  Countless hours and dollars are spent in training rooms, seminars, and classrooms every year. It’s comm

5 Thoughts On Dealing With Leadership Resistance

By Steve Kane - November 20th, 2015

By Steve Kane Gemba Academy recently conducted a one-question survey. The question was “What are you struggling with on your continuous improvement journey?” The most common response was related to dealing with leadership resistanc

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