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GA 212 | How to Combine TWI, Kata, and a Kaizen Event with Brandon Brown

This week’s guest is Brandon Brown. Brandon explained how he and his team have combined elements of TWI, kata, and kaizen events into a unique and effective learning system. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you’ll learn: Brandon’s background (2:47) An overview

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Get the Facts

Without sounding overly dramatic I’m fairly certain my content development team and I are working on the most important Gemba Academy course we’ve ever produced. This new course will be focused on the Job Relations (JR) aspect of TWI (Training Within Industry).  As an aside, we’ve actually released some good JR

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When Opportunity & Job Instruction Meet

We’re just finishing up another awesome week of TWI Training here in the lovely state of Virginia. Specifically, we’re completing live Job Relations (JR) and Job Methods (JM) training with a room full of Gemba Academy students. We conducted the JR side of the training in the mornings and then

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Our Job Instruction Course is Available!

We’re really excited to announce that our Job Instruction (JI) course was soft launched this week.  I say “soft launch” because we’re still adding the course to our Learning System platform, but our Learning Library customers can now access the course. By the way, if you’re not currently a Gemba

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GA 153 | From Tiffany & Co. to Toyota with Josh Sanchez

This week’s guest is Josh Sanchez, a continuous improvement practitioner with a fascinating background. Josh worked for Tiffany & Co. before landing a job at Toyota, and is now transitioning into a healthcare role. Ron and Josh discussed what it’s like to practice continuous improvement in these different environments. An MP3 version

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